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Pixi Post and the Gift Bringers (2016) WEB-DL – (1080p HEVC & 720p HEVC) – Dual Audio [Tamil + Telugu] – x265 – (450MB & 1GB)

Title: Pixi Post and the Gift Bringers

Year: 2016

Language: Tamil + Telugu

Quality: WEB-Rip 1080p HEVC & 720p HEVC

Size: 1GB & 450MB

Details: Pixi Post is an elf girl who lives in Arbolié, a secret place hidden in Antarctic where they live all spirits of the Christmas around the world like Santa Claus (from Finland), Three Wise Men (from Near East), Olentzero (from Euskadi/Basque Country) and Hoteiosho (from Japan), between others. After discovering that this last one missed, the forum of the Christmas’ Spirits chose Pixi in order to find him. Disguised as a human and working in a mail company called Mezzenger, Pixi tries locate Hoteiosho before the arrival of the next Christmas, realizing that the guilty is Monopolish (a former Christmas’ Spirit from the ancient Roman Empire), exiled from Arbolié centuries ago who now live between humans as president of a company called Worldini Inc., trying to turn his former partners in advertising posters and locate Arbolié (moved after his exile) to hold the Great Christmas Tree for recovering his magical powers. With help of Olentzero, Snegurochka, Santa Claus, the other spirits and a human child called Quepa, Pixi will tries to defeat Monopolish before it will be too late.

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Pixi Post and the Gift Bringers (2016) WEB-DL – 1080p HEVC – [Dual Audio] – 1GB

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Pixi Post and the Gift Bringers (2016) WEB-DL – 720p HEVC – [Multi Audio] – 450MB

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